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Podcast – Bach: Six Suites For Cello, Suite I – Courante

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In the concert of Jing-Kuan-Ming Temple in this winter vacation, I performed this song very badly not only because the cold weather but also the insufficient preparation. I wasn’t willing to be bitten by this. Therefore, I tried to practice more and then recorded it.

I spent a morning and a half afternoon to finish recording. By the way, I nearly lost my temper and got fight with Kilo. ^^a After having lunch to give myself some relaxation, I became more peaceful in mind and performed better than in the morning.

Photo by Chong-Yu Zhang (windtrace)

After coming back to the dormitory, I shared it with my roommate. He gave me a lot of useful suggestions, and we compared many different versions, including Fourier, Casals, Rostropovich, and Yo-yo Ma. We found that I played too slowly. The average time they used is about just 2 minutes and 30 seconds, while I used 3 minutes and 30 seconds, ONE MINUTE MORE!!! But I don’t know why. I didn’t want to play too fast. The music in my mind is nearly what I played. (I mean the rhythm and speed only… ^^a) But after listening to their playings and looked up the meaning of what’s wrote on the score, I think I knew more about this melody. In my play, I didn’t express the happiness. The score says, ‘Gai et rythmé,’ which means happily, vividly and rhythmically, but it sounds dull and no happiness in my playing. >_<

Although this version is not satisfied and doesn’t achieve the level the score asks, I think it is still worthy of taking down because of my effort. I’ll try to correct my errors in the musical expression and record it again.

Podcast: Bach: Six Suites For Cello, Suite I – Courante, Cello by Tsai

Podcast – Warhorses Galloping (戰馬奔騰)

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I had decided to record this song for a long time, but it’s too hard for me to find a more complete free time last semester. In the first week of this semester, it’s free and easy in the lessons, so I almost practiced music instruments every few days. I recorded this last night, but because there were so many people practicing their instruments around my practicing room, a lot of noise was recorded, another Erhu, drums, and the most loudly – Di Zi, a kind of Chinese flute. This version is not my most satisfying one, but I still chose it because there is too much noise in the version I’m satisfied the most. T_T Why did the person blow his flute so loudly? Warhorses Galloping (戰馬奔騰), an Erhu solo, is composed by Yau-Shing Chen (陳耀星), who is a famous Erhuist. The song describes the soldiers riding on their warhorses, galloping on the grassland, fighting against the enemies, and protecting their homeland. There are a lot of special techniques of Erhu, such as Ricochet (Bow Throwing, 拋弓, sounds like the horses galloping), Spiccatto (Bowstring Jumping, 跳弓), Horse Neighing (馬鳴), etc. This song is difficult because of its high speed and special techniques. I’m so happy that I can play and record it.

Podcast: Warhorses Galloping – Erhu by Tsai

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Podcast – Bach: Six Suites For Cello, Suite I – Prelude

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Yesterday, I had the neurology exam. In the evening, I went to the Underground Clubs Offices and crazily practiced the Erhu and the cello for about 3 hours. I also recorded my play of Bach‘s Cello Suite I -Prelude, the first song in the suite and the most popular. Because my performance doesn’t reach the level, it took me a lot of time to have a acceptable version. When I was recording, I found I was so easy to be interfered by the surroundings, the noise of motorcycles, the others playing their instruments, etc. And I easily lost my patience. I also found many places I performed badly every time, but I couldn’t do anything to change it. Maybe I have to practice more before I record a unhandleable song in the future.

昨天剛考完神經,晚上我就跑到地下社辦去瘋狂練二胡和大提琴三小時,我也趁機錄了巴哈大提琴無伴奏第一號的前奏曲,這是整個組曲的第一首,也是最有名的一首。不過因為自己的技巧還不到家,花了好久的時間才錄了幾段比較能聽的。 不過我發現我錄音的時候很容易受到外界的干擾,例如一堆機車的噪音還有其他人在練樂器的聲音,沒兩下我就沒什麼耐心了。 而且有幾段我一直拉不好,不過那也是沒辦法的事,我的程度就只能做到這樣了。或許以後我再錄音之前應該要再練久一點吧!


Bach: Six Suites For Cello, Suite I – Prelude

Podcast – Horse Racing

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One day after the Erhu practicing in the October, I tried to record my solo of playing Erhu. The first song I chose is Horse Racing by Hai-Huai Huang. This is not a difficult song to play, and I learned when I was in the second year of junior high school. (Does it mean that I don’t get any improved?!) The rhythm is a little bit fast, and the song describes a horse racing game. There are some special skills to imitate a horse, like the hoof sounds and the neighs. I didn’t do very well. The most important is, I realized again that my performance is still not good enough, and by recording, it’ll show you where the worst is. But after I stepped out, trying and trying, practicing and practicing, I think I’ll get better and better in the future.

在十月某一次二胡組練後,我錄了第一首二胡獨奏──賽馬 (黃海懷 曲)。 這首曲子並不難,我第一次學會的時候才國中二年級,(表示我沒進步嗎?!),它的節奏有點快,而整首曲子主要在描述賽馬的過程。不過裡面有用到一些特殊技巧,例如馬蹄聲和馬鳴聲等等。不過我一直覺得自己學得不很好。 不過最重要的是,我再一次體認到其實自己拉得不怎樣,從錄音當中可以聽出許多平常聽不到的瑕疵。不過沒關係,跨出了這一步後,藉由不斷的錄音和練習,我相信自己以後一定會更進步。


Horse Racing – Erhu by Tsai

First Podcast – Super Mario Brothers

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Because of my mid-semester exams, the work is delayed. This is my first podcast. (About what is a podcast? You can see the explaination on the Wikipedia.) One day after the orchestra practice in October, Kentu and I recorded this Super Mario Brothers theme. He played the Sheng, and I played the cello. Although we performed this for many times, we still had many tries. We recorded this in the Medium Practicing Room, so there are a lot of noise in the background. Hope you won’t be disturbed.

因為期中考的緣故,所以拖到現在。這是我第一次嘗試做podcast。(關於什麼是podcast,你可以看wikipedia上的解釋。) 十月的某一次團練後,我和子鈞錄了這首瑪莉兄弟,他吹,我拉大提琴。雖然以前我們已經表演過不少次,不過還是錄了很多次才錄好。因為我們是在中練裡錄的關係,所以背景裡有很多雜音,希望大家沒有被干擾。


Super Mario Theme – Sheng and Cello – by Wei and Tsai

Publishing YMChmusic Podcast

Tonight, I’d published a podcast (zh-TW) for the first time. I chose YM Chmusic’s blog (zh-TW) as the platform. It progressed smoothly, and in a few minutes, I published a 2-year-ago sound recording of Greeting New Arrivals in the auditorium. FeedBurner is a convenient tool for this.

Originally, I thought I would try that here, but in such a short period, I couldn’t find any of my sound-recording but a piece of chmusic’s.

Here or in the YM Chmusic’s blog, I’ll continually publish some pieces of sound-recording, mainly some music-instrument playing or Chinese orchestra.

Please wait and see.