First Podcast – Super Mario Brothers

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Because of my mid-semester exams, the work is delayed. This is my first podcast. (About what is a podcast? You can see the explaination on the Wikipedia.) One day after the orchestra practice in October, Kentu and I recorded this Super Mario Brothers theme. He played the Sheng, and I played the cello. Although we performed this for many times, we still had many tries. We recorded this in the Medium Practicing Room, so there are a lot of noise in the background. Hope you won’t be disturbed.

因為期中考的緣故,所以拖到現在。這是我第一次嘗試做podcast。(關於什麼是podcast,你可以看wikipedia上的解釋。) 十月的某一次團練後,我和子鈞錄了這首瑪莉兄弟,他吹,我拉大提琴。雖然以前我們已經表演過不少次,不過還是錄了很多次才錄好。因為我們是在中練裡錄的關係,所以背景裡有很多雜音,希望大家沒有被干擾。


Super Mario Theme – Sheng and Cello – by Wei and Tsai

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