Podcast – Bach: Six Suites For Cello, Suite I – Prelude

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Yesterday, I had the neurology exam. In the evening, I went to the Underground Clubs Offices and crazily practiced the Erhu and the cello for about 3 hours. I also recorded my play of Bach‘s Cello Suite I -Prelude, the first song in the suite and the most popular. Because my performance doesn’t reach the level, it took me a lot of time to have a acceptable version. When I was recording, I found I was so easy to be interfered by the surroundings, the noise of motorcycles, the others playing their instruments, etc. And I easily lost my patience. I also found many places I performed badly every time, but I couldn’t do anything to change it. Maybe I have to practice more before I record a unhandleable song in the future.

昨天剛考完神經,晚上我就跑到地下社辦去瘋狂練二胡和大提琴三小時,我也趁機錄了巴哈大提琴無伴奏第一號的前奏曲,這是整個組曲的第一首,也是最有名的一首。不過因為自己的技巧還不到家,花了好久的時間才錄了幾段比較能聽的。 不過我發現我錄音的時候很容易受到外界的干擾,例如一堆機車的噪音還有其他人在練樂器的聲音,沒兩下我就沒什麼耐心了。 而且有幾段我一直拉不好,不過那也是沒辦法的事,我的程度就只能做到這樣了。或許以後我再錄音之前應該要再練久一點吧!


Bach: Six Suites For Cello, Suite I – Prelude

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