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One day after the Erhu practicing in the October, I tried to record my solo of playing Erhu. The first song I chose is Horse Racing by Hai-Huai Huang. This is not a difficult song to play, and I learned when I was in the second year of junior high school. (Does it mean that I don’t get any improved?!) The rhythm is a little bit fast, and the song describes a horse racing game. There are some special skills to imitate a horse, like the hoof sounds and the neighs. I didn’t do very well. The most important is, I realized again that my performance is still not good enough, and by recording, it’ll show you where the worst is. But after I stepped out, trying and trying, practicing and practicing, I think I’ll get better and better in the future.

在十月某一次二胡組練後,我錄了第一首二胡獨奏──賽馬 (黃海懷 曲)。 這首曲子並不難,我第一次學會的時候才國中二年級,(表示我沒進步嗎?!),它的節奏有點快,而整首曲子主要在描述賽馬的過程。不過裡面有用到一些特殊技巧,例如馬蹄聲和馬鳴聲等等。不過我一直覺得自己學得不很好。 不過最重要的是,我再一次體認到其實自己拉得不怎樣,從錄音當中可以聽出許多平常聽不到的瑕疵。不過沒關係,跨出了這一步後,藉由不斷的錄音和練習,我相信自己以後一定會更進步。


Horse Racing – Erhu by Tsai

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