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Handout of Hospital Management


I printed the handout of Hospital Management for the class, totally 108 copies. There are 73 pages per copy, and they were double-page printed. Therefore, totally there are 37 x 108 = 3996 sheets on my desk now!!! But it’s not the most miserable thing. I have to move them to the classroom in the rain in about 10 minutes later. Oh… Thanks to duckling for his promise of gaving me a HAND.

New Leather Shoes



About two weeks ago, Kilo and I went to A.So Leather Shoes to buy new shoes for our Valentine’s gifts. Because I had a coupon, we could have about 50% off. Originally, I’d like to pick a pair of long boots for her, but we were a little late. All shoes for winter had been replaced with summer shoes. After all, she chose a pair of brown short boots, and I had a pair of not very formal walking shoes, which is brown, too. But there’s no stock, they promised me they’ll send it to me on Feb 20.

I checked the package list of our school’s mail room every day, and didn’t find my package. Theoretically I would receive it on Feb 21 or 22, the package delivering system in Taiwan should be very efficient. So I called them, and they told me because they found a little defect on the original shoes and had to get a new pair for me. On the day I called them, they were preparing to send them. I felt a little angry. Why didn’t they call me they had got some problems and had to delay the delivery on the day they promised me previously?

Yesterday I received them after all. They looked great and I felt very comfortable wearing them on. But, Kilo got a bottle of shoe polish and I didn’t. Does that mean the store had to pay the postage, so that they were unwilling to give me a bonus? Oh… they are too carfty… ~”~


剛開學其實心裡還蠻緊張的,雖然上課的方式跟上學期差不多,也是帶了個電腦去鬼混,也是在同樣的那些教室,同學們更沒有什麼大改變,可是為什麼還是緊張呢?因為這學期擔任了學藝股長,上大學來第一次擔任的班級幹部。感覺學藝上課時,似乎皮就要繃緊一些,要是老師上課時出了什麼狀況,要趕緊上去看看發生了什麼事,就是因為這樣,所以比平時緊張吧! Keep Reading

Forgot My Pants

Oh… I came back to my dormitory forgetting to bring my pants yesterday. I told my mom that I should have forgotten something while we were hurrying to the bus station. And it really happened! >_<


熱爆了的 MRI

隔了一年多,又回去當受試者賺微薄的零用錢了。過年期間接到了郭老師的電話,問我要不要回來做 MRI,看了看時間不衝突,就答應下來了,不過為了這個,我還是得提早兩天上來台北。 Keep Reading

Going Mad With Voip Phone

Since I found VoipStunt, which can make free regular landline calls, I always used it. But just now, I was going mad with it. I called the Payroll Section of NCKU for checking the record of my brother‘s tuition. Firstly, I cautiously used Skype to avoid the delay problem, but it always told me it couldn’t switch to the extension. After several tries, I gave it up and used the VoipStunt. That’s when nightmare began.

It switched to the extension correctly, but the other side seemed unable to hear my voice. I tried to shout more loudly, and then she found the delay problem and was very confused. Finally, we finished the conversation with impatience.

How can these voip softwares suck like that!? Skype can’t make a switch, and VoipStunt has delays. Hu… they almostly spoilt my good mood even when today just began. =.=凸

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