New Leather Shoes



About two weeks ago, Kilo and I went to A.So Leather Shoes to buy new shoes for our Valentine’s gifts. Because I had a coupon, we could have about 50% off. Originally, I’d like to pick a pair of long boots for her, but we were a little late. All shoes for winter had been replaced with summer shoes. After all, she chose a pair of brown short boots, and I had a pair of not very formal walking shoes, which is brown, too. But there’s no stock, they promised me they’ll send it to me on Feb 20.

I checked the package list of our school’s mail room every day, and didn’t find my package. Theoretically I would receive it on Feb 21 or 22, the package delivering system in Taiwan should be very efficient. So I called them, and they told me because they found a little defect on the original shoes and had to get a new pair for me. On the day I called them, they were preparing to send them. I felt a little angry. Why didn’t they call me they had got some problems and had to delay the delivery on the day they promised me previously?

Yesterday I received them after all. They looked great and I felt very comfortable wearing them on. But, Kilo got a bottle of shoe polish and I didn’t. Does that mean the store had to pay the postage, so that they were unwilling to give me a bonus? Oh… they are too carfty… ~”~

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