Going Mad With Voip Phone

Since I found VoipStunt, which can make free regular landline calls, I always used it. But just now, I was going mad with it. I called the Payroll Section of NCKU for checking the record of my brother‘s tuition. Firstly, I cautiously used Skype to avoid the delay problem, but it always told me it couldn’t switch to the extension. After several tries, I gave it up and used the VoipStunt. That’s when nightmare began.

It switched to the extension correctly, but the other side seemed unable to hear my voice. I tried to shout more loudly, and then she found the delay problem and was very confused. Finally, we finished the conversation with impatience.

How can these voip softwares suck like that!? Skype can’t make a switch, and VoipStunt has delays. Hu… they almostly spoilt my good mood even when today just began. =.=凸

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  • juan dean


    VoipStunt free calls my ass !!!!
    Bought E10 credit and calls never been longer than 40 secs to 2 minutes!
    The client loggs off and relog in automatically, ending the call, of course!
    I rather sign up a new user every time…
    Giving a second thought, no, I am not using VoipSunt again.


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