PBL Courses Ended

On Monday, the last case of PBL ended, and it means that this semester is approximately going to the end. (The final exams are coming, too. :p) In addition, after I come into the 5th year of medical education, there are few chances for me to participate a PBL course.

At the first time I got into a learning style like this in the 2nd semester of my 3rd grade, I didn’t like it very much. I was so lazy to find the answer we discussed in class in comparison with my panelists. They were smart and studious and always found out many amazing information and papers. But after nearly half-semester accommondation, I gradually cought up them and enjoyed more.

Last semester, I got into trouble again with PBL. I didn’t like the atmosphere while we were discussing. It may because I was not used to the new discussing style, (we divided into different groups while different semester started), or precisely, I don’t like some panelists in my group. There might be another problem. That is, maybe the topic (cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal) are a little difficult to me.

After beginning of this semester, the same problem about discussing style occurred again, but this time it didn’t take me too long to get with it. But, I still didn’t like this group, because some people I didn’t like very much and I were divided into the same group again, and in addition, I also needed to cooperate with her in another class.

Why do I not like to work together with her? Maybe the studying style and the attitute to face a problem are the major differences between us. She always spoke nonsense when she didn’t really understand the question. Sometimes she basically misunderstood the original question and then spoke up just like she was so knowledgeable. On the side, she always asked a difficult question and made it as one of the minor issues, then took the easiest one. A Chinese proverb says that “One person always eat the softest persimmon.” (柿子挑軟的吃) It reveals that what a selfish person she is.

After complaining, I also admire another panelist for her studying attitute. She always prepared many papers, but she didn’t make her in the limelight. She waited for others’ presentation and then speak of her thinkings. I didn’t feel pressure from her and I like to discuss with her. I could learn more about the topic in depth while talking with her. I’m so happy to be in the same group with her.

In conclusion, I like PBL. It really helped me to study more much through. If we still use the old studying courses, such as a big class teaching, and I just attend, sit down, and gradually falling asleep. I won’t have to power to open the massive textbook such as Harrison’s. Although some of my classmates think PBL is so boring and can’t learn anything in it, I think the problem is, we need to change our mind and realize that, if we don’t study harder now, it will be too late while we become a intern or a resident.

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