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White Coat, Out of Hospital


Someone complained about seeing a clerk or intern wearing his white coat goint to the market. I know the man he mentioned is not me, but I usually wore my white coat even if I left the hospital.

The reason I did this is my laziness. I didn't want to take a coat in my hand. I also didn't want to put it in my bag, because it would get wrinkled. But that guy said the white coat may be dirty, a lot of pathogens on it, and it may risk other people. I didn't think of that before.

It seems a big problem, and maybe some people got affected. Hmm… I have to change my behavior from now on.

Start Using Portable Apps


After beginning my clerk course, I have been in the hospital for long time a day. I couldn't take my notebook because of its weight and the posibility of being stolen. Some of my classmates bought USB flash drives. I remembered Portable Firefox and thought maybe it is a good solution for me.

For several days trying, it's convenient. I had many good extensions installed and made the library’s computer just like what I am accustomed to. But there is a new problem. I found the startup is very slow. I always had to wait more than 2 minutes before I started using it. I don't know why. There is no discussion on the forum. I thought it may because the low speed of the SD card or the USB drive. The speed test (by HD Tune) shows the average is 3.5 MB/s. But strangely, Portable OOo and Portable Gaim work well.

Before I find the solution, I can copy the whole directory of PFF to the hard disc before using, but it's a little inconvenient. >_<

Efficient Hongkong Post

SV304953 SV304952

Two days after I sent this postcard in Hong Kong, I received it today. How efficient it is. On the contrary, I sent another postcard in Jiuzhaigou about a week ago. It still doesn't arrive. Hmm… Let's see how much time it will take. I guess, ONE MONTH. :p

My Headphone Broke Off


Just now, my roommate came back. At that time, I was listening to music with my speakers. As he sat in front of his desk, I habitually turned them off and put on my headphone. At the moment, it BROKE OFF. Oh… Although it still sounds, it no longer fits the shape of my head, unless I try to stick the two parts together. Maybe I have to find a POWERFUL glue to fix it tomorrow.


2006.03.11 UPDATED: Haha… I bought a bottle of SUPER GLUE today, and just now, I stuck the two parts together. But I incautiously dropped some glue on my finger. Hope the skin will be ok, and also, hope the headphone will be firmer than before. (Because I smeared a lot of glue onto the junction. :p)

Love Washing Hands


After going back home for Chinese New Year, I loved washing my hands when I went home from outside. So yesterday, I bought a soap box in the Shi-Pai Night Market. (I already had a piece of soap.) Hmm… from now on, I can have my hands washed easily if I feel they are dirty. ^^

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Respect For Other’s Opinion

I had a elementary school classmates meeting tonight. A girl (she doesn’t like her name to be shown on the internet.) seriously asked me about an article about the previous meeting that I posted on my blog, and wanted me to correct some wrong information about her and remove her name. I was scared by her unexpected action at that time.

But after going back home, I did what she asked at once. I have to respect for other’s opinion. Maybe some things are little for me but serious for them. Although her attitude was not very polite, I couldn’t get angry. It’s my fault of not asking her first, wasn’t it?


Tsi-Ai Stroke Information Web

Today, on my way home, I saw a large advertisement about the Tsi-Ai Stroke Information Web. The reason it attracted me was its url,, which is very concise. There may be a man of foresight in the information department or the management department that he knows to register the domain name before others. Maybe firstly, there’s few people knowing about that, but as the times progress, there’ll be more and more people finding information on the web. It also makes me to think why one person needs to always catch up with the latest technology, in not only medicine but computer.

BTW, the official web site’s url ( is very concise, too.

Hope Tsi-Ai Hospital will succeed in the field in the future.

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A White Hair

Yesterday, after dinner, when I was reading Harry Potter on the sofa in the living room, my mom told me she saw there’s a white hair on my head. I didn’t believe her at first, but she pulled it out. It’s really a white hair from its root to tip, without any melanin in it. Wow, how can I get a white hair in such a young age, 25 years old? My mom said maybe I studied too hard for the medical courses. Hmmm… maybe it’s an important factor. :p

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