White Coat, Out of Hospital


Someone complained about seeing a clerk or intern wearing his white coat goint to the market. I know the man he mentioned is not me, but I usually wore my white coat even if I left the hospital.

The reason I did this is my laziness. I didn't want to take a coat in my hand. I also didn't want to put it in my bag, because it would get wrinkled. But that guy said the white coat may be dirty, a lot of pathogens on it, and it may risk other people. I didn't think of that before.

It seems a big problem, and maybe some people got affected. Hmm… I have to change my behavior from now on.

Start Using Portable Apps


After beginning my clerk course, I have been in the hospital for long time a day. I couldn't take my notebook because of its weight and the posibility of being stolen. Some of my classmates bought USB flash drives. I remembered Portable Firefox and thought maybe it is a good solution for me.

For several days trying, it's convenient. I had many good extensions installed and made the library’s computer just like what I am accustomed to. But there is a new problem. I found the startup is very slow. I always had to wait more than 2 minutes before I started using it. I don't know why. There is no discussion on the forum. I thought it may because the low speed of the SD card or the USB drive. The speed test (by HD Tune) shows the average is 3.5 MB/s. But strangely, Portable OOo and Portable Gaim work well.

Before I find the solution, I can copy the whole directory of PFF to the hard disc before using, but it's a little inconvenient. >_<

My Headphone Broke Off


Just now, my roommate came back. At that time, I was listening to music with my speakers. As he sat in front of his desk, I habitually turned them off and put on my headphone. At the moment, it BROKE OFF. Oh… Although it still sounds, it no longer fits the shape of my head, unless I try to stick the two parts together. Maybe I have to find a POWERFUL glue to fix it tomorrow.


2006.03.11 UPDATED: Haha… I bought a bottle of SUPER GLUE today, and just now, I stuck the two parts together. But I incautiously dropped some glue on my finger. Hope the skin will be ok, and also, hope the headphone will be firmer than before. (Because I smeared a lot of glue onto the junction. :p)