My New Umbrella Was Stolen

Last Friday, it rained cats and dogs. I went out to our school’s cafeteria for my lunch with my bright blue unbrella. Because scared of wetting the floor of the cafeteria, we students need to put our umbrellas outside the door. I am such a good boy that I left it outside, and after about 5 minutes I bought some pieces of bread for my lunch, it got lost. No, it was STOLEN!! I couldn’t find it in the original place I put it, and I searched around just like an ant on a hot pan. This umbrella was so nice and I have even used it for a few times. What a GI-BAI (a Taiwaness filthy word. :p) thief. I don’t believe that a NATIONAL university student will do such a nasty thing. It isn’t expensive, but what I am sorrowed for is the down-regulated morals we modern people have.

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