Two Rice Dumplings For Lunch

I took 2 rice dumpling (粽子) and a cup of milk tea for lunch today. One is made by Kilo’s grandmother, and the other is given by the First Boy Dorm Admin Team.

Last weekend I went back home in the middle part of Taiwan. My Mon also made some rice dumplings. She wasn’t satisfied with them, because the rice always sticked on the rice dumpling leaf. I’m not a specialist in cooking, and I couldn’t provide any constructive suggestion. But going home and eating what made by Mom herself are enough for me.

Kilo gave me the rice dumpling last week, but I had no chance to eat it. It seems too less for a meal and too much for a dessert. By chance, the First Boy Dorm Admin Team sent each inhibitant a rice dumpling to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, and then I have two and it’s enough for a meal. XD

There was something dangerous while I heated up the two rice dumplings. I added some water in the electric pot, turned on the power switch, and went back to my room waiting for it. After about 20 minutes, I found the power switch was turned off automatically, and it’s nearly dry in the bottom of the electric pot. So lucky I am that the pot has a automatical anti-dryheating function. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if the power were not turned off.

Thank Kilo and the First Boy Dorm Admin Team for helping me saving cost of a meal. :p

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