Self-confessed Single-mindedness

Original Author: Matthew McVickar@Flickr.
License: CC-by-nc-sa 2.0.

A few days ago, in one talk with rin1999, I said I don't understand why a man having a girlfriend still do something looks like unfaithful to another woman, such as getting close to her, touching her hands, shoulders, or any part of her body. I said I won't do that. But rin1999 said I did the same thing before. Because I tried to get close and talk to her without any intention to avoid any look-like-unfaithful situation.

Hmm… Did I? Maybe I have to examine myself more strictly. Or maybe, I'm just a guy with self-confessed single-mindedness in love?! However, this won't happen again in a short period… >_<

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