Final Exam of OB/GYN

Original Author: WiteShadow@Flickr.
License: CC-by-nc-sa 2.0.

Today, we had the final exam of ob/gyn. It was very difficult. Many questions were out of the range. After that, many of my classmates complained about the bad teaching and the unreasonable range of the exam. It seems that they hate the Ob/gyn department very much. Maybe some blamed me for not getting the correct info of the exam. Dunno.

But I heard some people don't show their understanding to the CR, saying he must take the most responsibility because he didn't give us the key points before the exam. I think maybe we are spoiled by the previous exams. If the CRs are nice and willing to spend their time in reading through our co-notes and marking the key points on them, we should thank them very much. But if they didn't do that, how can we blame them for not doing which is not their duties?

But all will go by. What we have to do is to prepare the next exam more hardly.

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