Podcast – Warhorses Galloping (戰馬奔騰)

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I had decided to record this song for a long time, but it’s too hard for me to find a more complete free time last semester. In the first week of this semester, it’s free and easy in the lessons, so I almost practiced music instruments every few days. I recorded this last night, but because there were so many people practicing their instruments around my practicing room, a lot of noise was recorded, another Erhu, drums, and the most loudly – Di Zi, a kind of Chinese flute. This version is not my most satisfying one, but I still chose it because there is too much noise in the version I’m satisfied the most. T_T Why did the person blow his flute so loudly? Warhorses Galloping (戰馬奔騰), an Erhu solo, is composed by Yau-Shing Chen (陳耀星), who is a famous Erhuist. The song describes the soldiers riding on their warhorses, galloping on the grassland, fighting against the enemies, and protecting their homeland. There are a lot of special techniques of Erhu, such as Ricochet (Bow Throwing, 拋弓, sounds like the horses galloping), Spiccatto (Bowstring Jumping, 跳弓), Horse Neighing (馬鳴), etc. This song is difficult because of its high speed and special techniques. I’m so happy that I can play and record it.

Podcast: Warhorses Galloping – Erhu by Tsai

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