A Little Trick

Funny Donkey
Author: jaxxon@Flickr. License: CC-by-nc-nd.

I wanted to find a photo about monkeys in a hot spring for the previous post. I searched in Flickr and found only one. Originally I’d like to crop the center of it and adjust the color balance, but I found it was released with a CC-by-nc-nd license. So I sent a mail to ask for the author’s permission.

In the first reply, he seemed not understand what the CC license means and refused my request. I replied him again trying to explain CC more clearly to him and asked for permission again. Then, in the second reply, he seemed been enraged and refused me more firmly. Wow… what I can do with such a stingy man?

Ok, fine. The CC license says that I cannot have a derivative work from the original photo. I didn’t do any modification to it, and just put it in a <div> tag and used it as a background. So that I can set the size and speficy the position with some simple css styles. Hehe… I still can have the display effect I want without breaking the rule. A little tricky, am I? :p

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  • Jaxxon


    Well, thanks for giving attribution on my photo! Playing by the rules can work to everyone’s advantage. :)


  • tsaiid


    Oh… thanks for your reminding. I found I hadn’t linked the photo back to flickr. I broke the rule. @_@


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