Lantern Festival (Yuan-Xiao)


Today is Lantern Festival, which is the first 15th day in the lunar calendar. We Chinese traditionally will hold laterns, go outside, and see the exhibition of festival laterns. We also eat Tang-Yuan, aka Yuan-Xiao.

Although when I was at home last week, my mom boiled some Yuan-Xiao because she thought I may have no chance to eat some on Lantern Festival, I still bought a bowl of Yuan-Xiao for dessert after dinner. (All of them filled my stomach… @_@)

I didn’t care a lot about the traditional holidays when I was in the senior high school or the first years of collage. As the years passed and passed, I became maturer and maturer and began to try putting myself into the atmosphere of the holidays. Maybe this is a necessary process to grow to maturity.

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