Upgrade To WordPress 2.0

I upgraded this site to WordPress 2.0. It didn’t took me more than 20 minutes. (In fact, it could be done in less than 5 minutes. I was too cautious. >_< )

The most important feature of WP 2.0 is the WYSIWYG editor. Some people said that it’s not easy to use, but it seems I got used of it very quickly, and I thought it is an important improvement for those who don’t understand HTML syntax very much.

There is no obvious difference in the layout, and it’s lucky that all the plugins I use still work after the upgrade. Hope there’s really nothing wrong, otherwise, I’ll get crazy fixing them in the Final-Exam-Period Exploration. :p

2005.12.28 UPDATE: I disabled the WYSIWYG editor because it’ll break the TachnoTag plugin. @_@

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