The Last Co-note In The Student Period

I just finished my last co-note in my student period. In order to advance this day, I recommended myself for one of the Academic Affair Chiefs of the next semester. (Academic Affair Chiefs don’t have to edit the co-notes, in principle. :p)

But I nearly got carzy with the last one. In fact, I didn’t like the teacher and his teaching style. He spoke in a low pitch which couldn’t attract us, and he spent a lot of time in explaining some very very basic concepts. I thought he assumed we know nothing. The most important is that he didn’t care the students’ feelings. One of my classmates went to the platform and asked him a question in the break time, but he said that Chinese students are too shy to ask questions in class and this is a bad habit, and then asked my classmate to ask the question when the next class started. I don’t think it’s a good behavior a teacher shoud have. A compromise may be: he could answer the question at the moment and when the next class started, he could tell the class about the question and the answer. Because of this event, I submitted the evaluation form with the worst judgements.

Huuu… Although I don’t like the teacher and what he taught, I still finished my part of the co-note. When everybody reads that, hope they won’t be angry of the unorganized contents.

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