Let The Computer Off

Since yesterday, I tried to let my computer off when I was studying. The idea is from my senior-high-school life in the dormitory. At that time, especially in the third year, I could study all the evening without computer. And it really made me more concentrated on the textbooks. I just wanna get the feeling back. With my computer’s power on, I always lose my patience with the co-notes. I always spent a lot of time doing nonsense on the internet. I want to give up the bad habit.

After the two-day trying, I found it very effective. I just turned my computer on twice one day, one before lunch, and the other before the bedtime. What did I do between the period I finished a co-note and began another? I tried to read something else. Maybe after accumulation of these pieces of free time, I can read a lot. Hmm… it seems a good idea for me, at least, up till now. :p


經過這兩天的試驗,感覺還蠻有效的。我一天只開了兩次電腦,一次是午餐前,另一次是睡覺前。那我念完一本共筆正在休息時都在做什麼呢?就看一些課外書,說不定這樣累積下來也是可以看不少書的。嗯…感覺還挺不錯的,至少到目前為止啦啦啦~~~ :p


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