The Advantage Of Marginalization

Today, I heard that PCMan complained about his unluckiness that he had no chance to be the main operator in the experimental surgery course. He said his partners all are very zealous in being the main operator, and finally they decided by drawing lots. That’s why he said he’s unlucky.

In my group, we have no such problem. The others declined politely with each other. It took us much time to decide everyone’s job. Because I don’t exclude the possibility to be a surgeon, I voluntarily want to do the spleenectomy operation. The rest two times, I’ll be the scrubbing nurse and the assistant. That means I’ll need to scrub through all the experimental surgery courses. I’m LUCKIER than PCMan, ain’t I?

Every time we need to separate into groups, I feel embarrassed. There’s no one who actively invite me to his group. To some degree, I think I’m marginalized from the class. Or it can be said that I purposely make myself out from them. But because of them, I get the chance to practice in the experimental surgery. Does it mean that I profit from a misfortune?

My roommate did the cecectomy operation today. He told me he’s nearly exhausted after four-hour operation, standing there. Oh, I’m a little nervous. Will I faint in the operation because of my getting poorer and poorer physical strength? I HOPE NOT!

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