I’m Not Smart Enough

The score of my dermatology exam last week unveiled yesterday, my score is higher than I thought after the exam originally. According to what my roommate said, it is approximately the mean value. My roommate asked me whether I’d like to know about the others’ scores, but I said no. I thouth I’ll feel depressed after knowing that the others performed better than I.

I had the lunch today with Kentu and Cloudyday. Cloudyday asked me about my score of dermatology and how many times I read through the co-notes. I replied him the truth. But he said that he studied less and got higher score than me. Hmmm… I didn’t get angry at him, and I thought he must not do it deliberately.

I still feel a little depressed. I know my intelligence is not good as others, and I really did harder in the dermatology exam this time. But the result still didn’t reach what I expected. All I can do is to study more harder, can’t I?

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