Instigating Friends For Blogs

In recent days, I successfully instigated several of my friends for their new blogs. Since this February I got in touch with the blogsphere, I really like this new toy. I blogged for myself, besides, I encouraged my friends to blog for themselves. But the efficiency seemed not very good. But finally, last week my roommate asked me about choosing a BSP (Blog Service Provider), and I recommand him to use Yam! Roodo. My point of view is that it is a BSP with more complete functions in Taiwan, and the templates they supply may match our tastes more. Although I had just tried their service for a while and didn’t continue using it, I recommanded it to my friends.

The second person is my classmate. Maybe he saw many posts by me are about blog, and he wants to catch the front of information trend, so he asked me about blog, too. I also recommanded him the Yam! Roodo, and he set up his blog, and blogged several articles that night, even though we are now in the awful mid-semester exam period… @_@

O.K., I successfully instigated two to blog, and I’ll continuously do this… :p

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