iframe Is Useful

In October, I found that my 23 account was upgraded to a PLUS one, then in the whole Oct., I uploaded 3GB+ photos to 23 and integrate a 23 badget to the Hsien-Chih’s blog. But the javascript of the badget has to connect the 23 server, get urls of the photos that want to be shown, and then write to the document. Maybe the connection quality between 23 server and here is not very well, I have to wait about 3 to 5 seconds that the page can be fully shown. I don’t like the method 23 uses, but I have no time and ability to modify it.


Today, I saw this page about integration of BubbleShare photos. The method it uses is iframe. After some trial-and-errors, I succeeded. Now Hsien-Chih’s blog can show the article contents before the 23 server’s dealing. That’s great. All I have to say is, “There are so many things that I don’t know about the internet techniques.”


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