YouTube vs Google Video

Yesterday, while I was browsing at Darkkiller’s personal BBS board, I found a site called YouTube that supplys video uploading and sharing. Then I registered an account, but didn’t try at once.

Just now I uploaded some videos of meeting with teacher yesterday. The procedure isn’t easier than Google Video, but the admin interface is better. I can easily find what I’ve uploaded and the “Tag” function is what I love most. Although there is limitation to the size of video for uploading (100 MB), maybe I won’t be restricted by this rule recently. (my SD card in the camera is only 128 MB.)

But the important reason may be this video below, that I accidentally found while trying all the functions the site supplys. Ooo… I’m really a LIBIDINOUS GUY… >_<

2005.10.16 Update: hmm… this clip seems to be removed… ╮(╯_╰)╭

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