Reply of Selling Blood

This morning I received a email from a person who claimed he is a reader of my blog. He wanted to ask me about “selling blood.” I thought he may read this (zh-TW) and wanted me to gave some informations. First time, I replied him in Chinese, but just now, I received his reply. He said he couldn’t read my text. I found that he uses Yahoo! Mail service, which uses Big5 as default encoding, and I use Gmail, which uses UTF-8. So I guess it may be a problem of encoding and suggested him to try changing encoding while viewing. But I am not very sure it’ll work. So I still wrote another email in English. English works in all encodings. I Hope so. :p

And below is what I replied him, in Chinese and English:

你好, 不知你說的賣血是不是這一篇, 如果是的話,
那是因為學校教授的實驗室需要人類的血液樣本做分析研究, 所以公開招募志願者, 金額不高, 而且我也只有遇過那幾次而已, 後來就沒有了.
不過你可以去大醫院問問看捐血小板的事, 據說一次可以拿個幾千塊. 不過這我沒有經驗, 沒辦法提供你什麼意見…. ^^a

I think the problem may be encoding. The mail system I use is Gmail, and the default encoding is UTF-8. But you seem to use Yahoo! The default encoding is Big5. You can try to change the encoding to UTF-8 while in your mailbox.

My last reply is, my experience to “sell” blood is for a laboratory experiment that a professor of our school, Yang-Ming University, hosted. And, the reward is not too much. (few hundred dollars once).

I think you can go to some large hospital like Taipei Veterans General Hospital, to ask about “selling” thrombocyte. I heard that it’ll took about 2-3 hours, but can get a reward of several thousands.

Hmm… Hope my English won’t confuse you. ^^a

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