My New HP Compaq nc4200

I had been thinking of owning a laptop for a long time, and it came true today.

Today is the last day of Taipei Computer Exhibition 2005, and luckily, it doesn’t need a entrance ticket. (200 NTD is not a small amount for me.) I arrived at about 11 a.m.. There were many people already there.

I met the Asus’ stall first, but I thought their products do not fit my demands, and also a little bit expensive for me. Second, I met HP. A cheery female salespeople introduced a lot to me about their products, but the one I like most is out of stock. Although she said that she can supply the more high-level one for me with the same price, I also need to think about it more. And then, I went around watching the Toshiba, Acer, IBM (although it now should be called Lenovo). They are the 5 brands I previously considered. But I didn’t like the attitude of Toshiba’s salsemen.

Finally, it remained Acer and HP under consideration. The Acer one is wide-monitor and has more complete functions, but a little bit expensive. As I asked for the Acer one’s specification, the salesman compared it with the HP one. The company he belonged sells many brands, and he provided me with a nicer price of the HP one I previously wanted.

I was confused that why are there so many different prices, which depend on different stores?

At last, I chose the HP one mainly because of its price. It’s embarrassed for me to buy a expensive laptop, which is not for a essential use. In fact, I broke the rule I’d maintained for many years – earning my life on my own. After buying motorcycle, there are not enough money in my account to buy a laptop. But I think I won’t get a job of private teaching until I become a intern, when I’ll have salary. And during the period, I need a laptop more then my intern period. So I decided to borrow some from my mother. I’ll give it back more in the furure.

After buying that, I was so excited that I didn’t feel hungry at noon. In the afternoon and evening, I prepared the working environment of the laptop. I think it must be useful in August, when I’ll go around Taiwan and participate a Chinese orchestra practice.

Before the end, there are 2 pictures of my laptop, and the other is about my new camera stand. It helped me to take picture of them. (Because it’s not light enough, so that it needs a slower shutter.)

我的新玩具 - HP NC4200
▲【我的新玩具 – HP NC4200】



Wish me having a nice experience with it.


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