A Bad News About Turbo

On the way back home from Liu-Ying, I heard a bad news about my classmates turbo and pp. They separated while we were having the final exams.

I was so shocked as hearing this. They seemed very well in the school and I don’t even hear that they had any arguments. Although their parents don’t like each other, that’s a old news many years ago. I think they will finally overcome the problem all the time. At last, they still separated. ‘They are not match each other in many fields.’ said Chang-Guei (章桂). I don’t know the status of their interaction, so I can’t say anything. I’m a little sad hearing this.

But there are still something nice heard recently. Chang-Guei got in love with Yuan-Chun (遠均) also at the final-exam period. It is amazing for me. I don’t know that they do something together and don’t think they will be with each other. Anyway, bless them having a happy life. Jie-Yang (傑陽) is also be with a junior school syster. I am still confused about the reason of the separation of he and Shin Dung (董欣), but wish they both can find their own happiness. (Jie-Yang does, and Shin-Dung… Hehe, it is said that there are so many of my classmates are willing to do anything for her. :p)

During the Clerk training, I had heard so many interesting things I don’t know. Maybe living in the First Boy Dorm separates me from my classmates so much and so long. It may be the chief shortcoming of the First Boy Dorm.

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