Food Intoxication?

When I was dealing with kilo’s computer’s strange IME behavior last night, I felt accidentally acute abdominal pain. There were neither defecation nor farting feeling at that time. Murphy sign and peritoneal sign were both negative. I didn’t have any sphygmomanometer to check my vital sign. Without stethoscope, I couldn’t auscultate the frequency of my bowel sounds, but I thought it may increase a little. It was a little like the episode I got food intoxication in junior high school.

The symptoms persisted about 2 hours and remitted that I could go to bed. This morning after I had my breakfast, I felt the similar colic again. I felt there are large gas in my abdoman, and as my expectation, I went to stool just now. (By the way, I also repaired the broken flusher. =.=|||) It looked normal color and no foul odor, but a little watery.

I think it may be food intoxication of my last night snack, Fried Tou-Fu (臭豆腐). The pathogen may be in the bean paste or the pickled vegetables.

I feel more comfortable after defecation. Hope it is just a single event. (But I really won’t buy any food from that street vendor. :p) May the others ate Fried Tou-Fu last night are all safe and well.

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