Decided To Travel Around Taiwan Again

This morning in the Introduction of Surgery class, I found that my classmate, Tzu-Chun Wei, will go abroad for THREE times. It’s an amazing news for me. Because I don’t have enough money to participate in our gruduation-celebrating travel to Thailand and Phuket Island, I am a little envious of him for having family support to travel around in the last summer vacation in our medical education.

It’s really the LAST summer vacation we have. If I want to stay in my dormitory or at home, I’d rather want to go out seeing the world more. I decided that maybe I can travel around Taiwan again just like what I did four years ago. (You can read the six parts of my diary about that below: I II III IV V VI. But they are all writen in Traditional Chinese. If possible, the diary about the travel this year may have a English version. :p) But this time I may go by my new motorcycle. It’s too hard for such a weak person like me to go on the bicycle. XD

I won’t have any private teaching this summer vacation, so I can make use of it to live more meaningfully. Besides having a intern course in ChiMei Hospital in the 3rd and 4th weeks, there are nearly 6 to 8 week I can use. Kilo has a intern training in Koo Fundation Sun Yat-San Cancer Center in July and in Changhua Christian Hospital in August. Maybe I can set off in August, so that I can take her to work and take her home in early July, and when I travel through Chang-Hua, I can visit her. :)

One way or another, I have decided to go outside and enjoy the vacation. Hahaha….

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