One Year Had Passed

It’s hard for me to recall that the day, March 29th, one year ago, I was trying to deny, to escape, to hold my tears. Something affecting me so much had just happened to me. I held my little bedquilt covering my face, trying to wipe and hide tears on my face, trying to concentrate on the co-notes which were the content of tomorrow’s exam. But I couldn’t, really…

During this year, I had experienced so different life. I had tried to live with only myself. Traveling, mountain climbing, practicing hard on musical instruments, all made me temporarily forget what made me sad and cry. I also tried to be a good clerk, learning as much as I could in VGHTPE. So many things had happened that I almost couldn’t accept that one year had passed.

I know it had all passed and couldn’t return any more. Life is still going on. I need to get up from where I had fallen down. I have to take care of myself by myself. Also, I’d like to wish Kilo to take care of herself very well, not to be blown down by her busy work. This is the only thing I can do for her.

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