23, No Credits

In last year, 23 had a promotion that my account was upgraded to Pro and I could upload unlimitedly. But a few month ago, it showed that my account was temporarily offline for maintainance.” I waited a while and it didn't change. But during the period, I had a lot of photos to upload, so I tried to contact with them via email. There's no response no matter how many emails I sent them. I gave it up. Maybe someday, if I have a lot of photos to upload, I'll choose Flickr.

Is this company another Wretch ?!

BTW, the Group function of Flickr is fun, and the Organization function is so convenient. Let's start Flickring… :p

PS. My Flickr photos are here.

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  • Thomas


    Hi Tsaiid,

    Your account has been disabled due to a great volume of request for the photos that was hurting the total service.

    Sorry you had a bad experience in terms of your mails.

    I’ll look into your account immediately.


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