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Original Author: Martin Krzywinski@Flickr.
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I forgot which day last week, I suddenly found that I couldn't connect to Fancy in VGHTPE. Based on the past history, I guessed maybe a power failure turned the machine off. Because I had something to do that night, the reset was delayed one day. But when I checked it, it hung without reaction. I didn't know what's happened, and I reset it and waited until it returned to work.

Good times didn't last long. Before I went to bed, it crashed again. I thought there might be something wrong about the RAM. I delayed several days, and fortunately when I went to the room, I found the whole office was going to be moved. I moved the machine back to my room in a hurry. If I didn't did that, maybe there would be more days delay because I didn't have the key for the new room.

I replaced the RAM with my desktop machine, and changed some network settings. Fancy came back. Just like before, when it wasn't moved to the department office. Although I had a laptop that I could do my ordinary job on it, I still tried to make Fancy a functionally complete desktop environment. After several consultations with Saka, basically, I could use it to do what I want everyday, although the performance seemed not very good and sometimes it wasn't very stable. ^^a. But I thought this mught be overcome by a Linux desktop environment.

This changed my mind. After the broken RAM fixed, I will change my PC (not the laptop :p) from pirate Windows to unix-like OS. I know I will encounter a lot of difficulties, but using legal softwares is more important. I also removed all illegal softwares on the laptop.

I think, this is the lesson Fancy taught me.

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