Unbelievable! 1000m Front Crawl

Original Author: Lacey_and_Cielle@Flickr.
License: CC-by-nc-sa 2.0.

It's very unbelievable. Two weeks ago, I couldn't swim using front crawl more than 50m, but today I extended the distance to 1000m. I did it!

When I had learned swimming in my childhood, I didn't like front crawl because it made me exhausted and out of breath. I easily got tired even I tried to relax more under the water. But last week, I suddenly found I was not so tired as before. I broke through 100m easily, and on the second round, I tried 400m and succeed. Today, after a 300m breaststroke warm-up, I tried 1000m. Yeah, it's not as difficult as I thought before.

Although my speed was very slow, a girl beside went 1.5 fold faster, I didn't care very much. I have progressed. I believe I can swim as fast as her if I keep practicing. Maybe someday I can cross Sun Moon Lake with front crawl.

But I got a new problem. The water always goes into my nostrils and makes me allergic. Hmm… I must find some methods to prevent this.

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