Punishment For Food Thief


How hateful the thief was!

Since the summer vacation, I've heard several people’s food was stolen. My pears were. This didn't happen since I moved here. Today, I reviewed the conote of physiology. It says there is a kind of conditioning called food aversion conditioning, which is strong and the effect can last for a long time. It gave me the idea to punish the thief.


I bought a bottle of milk and some laxatives (Sennoside, センノサイド). Before I put the milk into the refrigerator, I drank two third of it to elevate the concentration of drug. (The other reason is I don't want to waste it. :p) But the pills seemed not to dissolve very well. Hope the thief wouldn't find the residues. ^^a

Ok, let's wait and see what will happen…

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