My Leg's X-ray

2001.11.09 Leg-LAT 2001.11.09 Leg-PA

I finally got my leg's x-ray taken 4 years ago. At that time, my leg hurt after a soccer game, and I went to the Ortho OPD of VGHTPE and took these films. The left one is lateral view, while the other is PA view.

I couldn't find my medical file number even though I had the right to login the system of VGHTPE. But this week, when the technician introduced PACS to us, I got a chance and found it.

Yesterday, when I was finding a case for my case report homework, I searched with my medical file number and found these two films. It was a strange feeling when I saw them. I wasn't the guy of 4 years ago. I knew much more medical knowledge than that time. The x-ray films were not so unfamiliar for me. And at that time, I was reading my films. Strange, isn't it?

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