New IBM UltraNav Keyboard

IBM UltraNav

Since I started using HP laptop, which has a imitative trackpoint, but a blue one, I love the way to control the cursor, especially when I needed to change between a lot of windows. I had been looking for this kind of keyboard on Yahoo!Bid, and found some of IBM's products. But they exceeded my budget.

Today I bought one. Although I like Space Saver II more, I still could not wait and bought the UltraNav, which has a TouchPad, and I thought it's not useful and because of that, I couldn't put it into my keyboard drawer. But it's my second choice. Without the part of numbers, it is similar to a laptop’s keyboard, but the only disadvantage is the ESC’s place. It is not like a normal keyboard, which usually puts the ESC at the left side of F1. Its ESC is juct above the F1. For several times, when I tried to cancel some wrong typing, I always triggered the help window.

Well… I still have to get used of it. Besides that, it is really a good thing.

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