IV Is Difficult


Today we had a class about venipuncture and drawing blood. Sowhat was my partner, and we practiced on each other. Because we had practiced drawing on brachial vein in our third year, we decided to start on the vein of the back of the hand.

I tried first. I put on the gloves, tied the rubber tube, and sterilized the skin with the alcohol pad. All went well. But when I pushed the IV catheter into the skin, I couldn't find blood back through the catheter. I tried to change the direction of the needle, but it didn't work. Totally I tried two times and both were failed. I was so depressed. This technique is not as easy as I think. Sowhat tried two times on me and he failed either.

The next time, maybe I have to practice on the real patient. How can I not be nervous ?!

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