Clerk Course Starts


From now on, I formally become a clerk in VGHTPE. I have the staff card and the restaurant card, which means I can go to the staff restaurant for lunch and have 10% off in the Eslite Square.

In these days, in the classroom, I always fell asleep. Maybe it's because I had not got accustomed to the 8-hour-per-day classes. They made me so tired that yesterday I went to bed on 8 p.m. and got up on 6 a.m. this morning. I cannot image the future days. Will I get tired like a dog and lose my temper just like what I thought Kilo was two years ago?

Sigh… Some things need to be experienced before being realized.

BB Call

07/09 UPDATE: I finally took the picture of my BB call. It is a little out-of-date to use a BB call in the hospital, because PHS may be a more convenient way to communicate. Well, according to this reason, it is worthier of taking a record of it, isn't it?

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