Why Don't People Obey The Rules?!

Original Author: Gyrus@Flickr
License: CC-by-nc-sa 2.0

We edited many co-notes and when they were printed, they would be piled up outside one of my classmates' room. After we took ours, we had to register on a checking list. The reason of setting this rule is to prevent some unexplainable loss of them.

Today I found MANY of the co-notes got loss again. It seemed that some people took theirs repeatedly. Why did these damn things happen again and again?! Does it mean that the printing store cheat us? I don't think so. Because some people didn't obey the rule. I often saw that there were only a few left in the box while more than half spaces of the checking list were blank. And then, another roommate took them repeatedly without knowing about that.

This is the last few times we have to pick up our co-notes. But I still feel very angry about the bad behavior. Why are they so lazy to obey the rules? Why don't they think about the others more? We are medical students. Our future works are caring the patients. Why can't we control ourselves and do just a little favor to others, especially when the others are our classmates?

I feel so depressed to know this fact.

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