Recent Drawings




The first two were drawn on the day before the ophthalmology exam. I was very fidgety at that time, so I tried to draw something to let me calm down. The first one is saying that I was overwhelmed by the deity of music. I tried very hard but still couldn't understand the absolute pitch. The second is saying that I felt very depressed about myself. I had many shortcomings, for instance, easily to be agitated, impatience with others who don't receive my suggestions, etc. I thought I am a anti-society person and not suitable for this world.

The day after drawing these two, a very important thing happened to me. It brought me into the darkness of life. I did really want to suicide at that time. That was a terrible period for me.

The last one was drawn a few days ago, when is Kilo's birthday. She is now struggling with the exam of physician license. I'd like her to just concentrate on it. I'd like to cheer her on. (In Chinese, to cheer someone on is pronounced the same as to fuel up. ^^a)

Hoo… Maybe I should also cheer myself on, shouldn't I?

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