Cannot Fly Into Your Sky (飛不到你的天)

The first time I heard this song was at the concert of Chubby. In fact, it didn't move me very much at that time. But after I suffered something recently, I do really think the lyrics are very beautiful. They fit with my mind. I also tried to play the guitar accompanying my singing, but I am not very well practiced so far. Maybe someday I can record it and put it on the podcast.

飛不到你的天 (Cannot Fly Into Your Sky)

作詞 (lyrics):陳灝 (Chen, Hao) 作曲 (Melody):陳灝 (Chen, Hao)

我們的路已走得好遠 再也看不見藍藍的天
We've had walked together so far, but cannot see the blue sky anymore.
你愛笑的臉從來不改變 忘了我們相識的從前
Your smiling face has naver changed, but forget the past we got known each other.
或許我們已沒有明天 或許你飄泊一如從前
Maybe we have no tomorrow. Maybe you drift as before.
我愛哭的臉是否能改變 當誓言又滑過我耳邊
Can my crying face be changed? When the promises glide through my ears.

風吹痛我為你流著淚的眼 是否它知我的心已倦
The wind blows, hurts my tearing eyes for you. Does it know that my heart is tired?
風吹過我沉默的眼底 輕輕訴說我們終究要分離
The wind blows through my silent eye ground, telling that we've had to leave each other after all.
如此愛你卻又飛不到你的天 當所有感覺都已走遠
I love you so much, but I cannot fly into your sky. When all the feelings have gone far away.
Wish I still can hold the spring time.


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