The Guavas Were Frosbitten


Hmm… The picture was not taken very well. Maybe you cannot find what's the difference. (Not the hole on the surface… ^^a)

Today I took out the guava from the refrigerator and found they were frosbitten. There was even frost in the plastic bag. The temperature is too low, isn't it?! Fortunately, it tasted not very disgusting, just a little different from before. XD. I must eat the rest of them as quickly as I can.

2006.03.11 UPDATED

SV300618 SV300620

Let’s see what’s happened in the guavas. It begins to have liquifacation necrosis from the superficial layer. The margin is not well defined. It seems the lesion does not extend into the core, but we still have to confirm this with frozen section. Before the pathological report, we can not rule out the posibility of malignance. XD

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