Received The Book At Last


Today, I eventually received the book I ordered in the Spring Festival. Why was it delayed so long? (about ONE MONTH!!!) Let me tell you.

I noticed this book on the newspaper and decided to order it online, so I tried the service of and found the price which Soidea supplies was the lowest, and the most important is, I don't need to pay the postage if I choose convenient-store-transportation. It's important for me, because if I order books from Eslite and want to save the postage, the bill needs to exceed 1,000 NTD. Therefore, I ordered it and wanted Soidea to send it to the FamilyMart in my school.

After I went back to school and several days passed, the status of the order was still ON TRANSPORTATION. And one day, it changed to CANCELLED. I didn't know what's happened and after a while, I received an email telling me that the order had been cancelled and they'll refund me the money. I thought maybe I forgot to take the good and the notification email was marked as spam. So, I ordered it again and decided to check the order everyday.



The status still was ON TRANSPORTATION several days later, and one day, it changed to CANCELLED again. I didn't receive any notification email or message as before. I got angry, because I didn't do anything wrong. I called the service and argued with them. It said maybe there’s something wrong between the transportation company and the FamilyMart in my school. I didn't think it is a good excuse, but I had no choice. Originally I'd like to buy it from another bookstore, but I found no one cheaper than Soidea. I ordered it for the third time, but this time, I changed the good-taking point to another convenient store.

Finally I received the notification message and took the book today. Although it seems that I have no time to read it now, I still feel happy for spending less money to buy it. However, is the time I totally spent worth nothing?

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