Backpack, Sleeping Bag, and Tent

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After the stove, I bought some new equipments: a backpack, a sleeping bag, a tent, and a headlight. The sleeping pad is a bonus. I totally spent about 16,000 NTD on them. As my roommate heard this last night, he almostly dropped his jaw.

I went to Chong-Shan North Road to search these equipments yesterday afternoon. There are many stores, but I just compared the prices between two of them. The first was Shan-Shui (山水). The clerk introduced them in detail, but I was stunned by the sum. My budget is about 15,000 NTD. So I left the store with an excuse of taking my girlfriend home. :p

The second store was Den-Shan-Yo (登山友). They introduced these equipments of other brands. I felt very strange why the two stores sell goods almostly different with each other?! But the sum was a little lower here.

I had to decide which I should choose. They all offered what I liked more. For example, I liked the backpack of Den-Shan-Yo, but the tent of Shan-Shui. After thinking for a long, long time, I chose the second one, although they did not give me a premium in price. (But I still got a sleeping pad. Although it cost about 150 NTD only.)

My roommate said I was too impulsive, and maybe I should consider for longer before spending so much money. I can not oppose him entirely, but after I bought my laptop last August, I became more impulsive, didn't I?


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