Those Who Respect Others Will Be Respected

Modified From: Dinastoria@Flickr.
License: CC-by-nc

Yesterday, I read a post on PostShow. It’s about a picture of a man standing in front of the sign of R.O.C. (Taiwan) Embassy in Vatican with fucking gesture. I felt angry to see that, but today, PostShow changed the content of the article and criticized the man for showing no respects to others. The comments of the article almost all criticized the man. I think this must be the reason that PostShow changed their attitude. But I traced back to the man’s blog and found the comments there almost all supported his behavior. It’s a strange thing, isn’t it?

Sometimes we express our emotions by extremely violent ways and forget that others must be respected. As an ancient Chinese proverb says, ‘Those who respect others will be respected.’ (敬人者,人恆敬之) After this event, I think I have to think more before I do.


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