Back To Taipei For Fancy

The day before yesterday, I tried to upgrade the OS on Fancy remotely, and ordered to reboot at 4:00 A.M.. I thought it’ll be ok because I’d done that several times before. But when Kilo told me that she couldn’t connect to Fancy, I found what I scared most happened.

I wondered what the problem was and asked Cyanine to check for me on the next day. The problem was still existed even after trying to solve the problem on the phone, Cyanine told me the messages on the console and I ordered him to execute some commands. After all, I decided to go back to the school as quickly as I could, so I took the bus this afternoon.

When I arrived at the office, the power of the machine was on. I don’t know why. I remembered that I asked Cyanine to turn it off on the phone. Anyway, I tried some commands to check the internet connection. Mysteriously, the connection was well. Why would I need to come back for it?! What’s the problem? I even didn’t do anything, and why it’s broken in the morning?

But if I didn’t want to upgrade it remotely, there would be no problem at all. One way or another, I still have things to do here, and maybe I can get my laptop back from Kilo and take it home this time.

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