Chinese Blogs Awarding Ceremony 2005

I’m now at the Chinese Blogs Awarding Ceremony 2005, which is sponsored by Chinatimes.

The reason why I’m here is that about three days ago, I read a article posted by KJ. She said that any of the participants will have change to get a Acer laptop, so I signed up without any hesitancy. :p

There was something wrong before the ceremony began. The workers didn’t know about that the participants, not the finalists, can have chances to have a lottery of the Acer laptop. But finally after I confirmed the situation with the workers, it’s solved. :)

The hosts are Gon-Tou-Jian (工頭堅) and Miss Chian (sorry, I don’t know her name exactly. ^^a) Jia-Li Chuan, who are both bloggers. They play an important role in the whole ceremony. Time-controlling is very good. And some of the prize-awarding people are very famous, such as amarylliss, Ke-Sian Liu, Schee (although I’ve seen him before), etc. Although I sat in the back of the chamber, I’m very happy to see these famous people.

Some of the award-winners are not as I thought originally, but I think it should be fair.

It’s almost time to have the lottery, but I’ll just stop here. Hope the God will give me a surprise. :p

2005.12.17 UPDATE: Of course, I’m not lucky enough… ╮(╯_╰)╭ And the list of all award-winners is here.

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