Last Friday, I finished the anesthesiology exam. It finally came the relaxed time. In addition to sleeping more than 12 hours a day, I also spent a lot of time with my computer.

During these days, I set a online service of browsing the source codes in the subversion repository with a software called Trac. In order to make it work properly, I have to add mod_python into the Apache. And when I tried to browse an article in the BBS repository, I encountered the problem of wrong charset encoding. Even I tried to ask in2 on IRC about the setting of Trac, although at last I solved it on my own. The problem is, that article uses a Chinese character encoded in Big5, which UTF-8 doesn’t have, so the converting process failed.

I also get involved in the Wikipedia project and the Medical Wiki project that I tried to write more than ever. Even I thought of taking photos of my violin and Erhu and uploaded them to the Wikipedia. But this may be dalayed until next week. :p

Because of the exams, I delayed the YM website project and the English pages template for a while. I tried to work them out this night, but I think it is a big project. How can we teach the webmasters of all the departments to use the template to make their English homepages? Maybe they’ll dislike what I’ve done. The color, the style? I’m not an expert in art design. >_<

I also thought a lot about the future of Fancy. A few days ago, we had discussed the possibility of combination with the faculty. The minister of information department agreed the proposal and strived us for some resources from the office of faculty. I dreamed a team of management. We could discuss something about computer in the exclusive room. I can teach them about the management of Fancy, some experiences about OS tuning, C programming, etc. But the key point may be how to cooperate with the others. One of my classmates, messiah, controls the large part of resources. I have to discuss with him and his team for the developing direction, although I’m so unwilling to do that. :p

While I dreamed of a beautiful future, I found another problem with the Fancy project. Maybe I need to improve the sub-projects, like FancyAlbum, FancyWiki, etc. The codes are so dirty. For example, I use a system call of GNU diff to make diff file between two revisions in FancyWiki. It’s not a good solution in developing a software. But I spent several hours trying, then failed in implanting GNU diff info PURE PHP code. That’s too difficult for me. Even though I can finish it at last, it may be months or years later. And the problem of FancyAlbum is its inefficient mechanism. It’s my fault that at first I didn’t choose MySQL backend. It limited the development, and if I’d like to add some fantastic functions, it’ll be an awful work. Anyway, they are now obstacles in front of me.

O.K., I’ve written too much, so I’m too lazy to translate them into Chinese. In fact, the reason why I wrote these is to wait my laptop being fully charged that I can use it tomorrow. :p

P.S. I also wrote something in Chinese, about the ethic problem of being a SYSOP and the diary "Fondu In Meepok’s Place.".

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