Now At QK Cafe

I’m now at QK Cafe, Tien-Mu store.

A few days ago, I saw an article by ijliao about his experience of QK cafe. He said that they offer free wireless service. For me, after buying the laptop, it’s a very important thing. And, many times I went to kilo‘s place, I saw a QK Cafe standing there, so I decided to come here for breakfast in a carefree morning. And, it is today.

I chose a seat facing the street to be looked like I’m enjoying the holiday morning. But it seemed not fine as I originally thought. When I turn on my laptop, there are two AP signals, one is “3com”, and the other is “ntcn”. I didn’t know what ntcn means, but it looked unlike QK should offer. So I chose the “3com” one. It didn’t work properly then. So I changed to the “ntcn” one. It worked, and I could successfully connect to the internet. Then, I found that “ntcn” stands for National Taipei College of Nursing.

After I finished my Tuna Sandwitch, I went to ask for the wireless service. The clerk said that the shopkeeper didn’t allow their customers to use the wireless here, so they turned it off. What a bad news for me. Fortunately that the distance between here and NTCN is near enough that I can receive their AP signal, and also they does not restrict the usage for unauthorized users. Otherwise, I’d be very boring to sit here for a morning. (Because it’s raining outside, I was restricted here… >_<)

hoo… the experience of this morning is not very well. I think I’ll not visit here recently.

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