Now At Dan-Shuei

This afternoon, I rode on my bicycle, along the Taipei Bicycle Track, arrived Dan-Shuei at about 5:00 p.m. I even didn’t realize that I really got here, because this is the first time I come to Dan-Shuei via this way.

It’s nearly sunset. I stoped my bike, took some photos and walk along the Dan-Shuei River. There were a lot of people here, maybe because today is the National Day. I ate a lot of snacks, fruit with chocolate covering, Chou-Dou-Fu barbecue (碳烤臭豆腐), a string of baked mutton, the Ancient Rice (古早飯), and a large ice cream. I’m so satisfied with these food.

Then, I found a seat facing the river and sat down, opened my laptop, and started to blog. The wireless service is not very stable here. The most important is that there are so many people smoking. I really hate to smell the secondhand smoke. I tried to change seats for several times, but still coundn’t get rid of them. How is a nice night spoiled by that!

It’s almost time to go back. It rains a little. I’m a little worried about my laptop to get wet. It still is a nice night. I’ve not exercised for a long, long time. Maybe tomorrow morning, I’ll not be able to get up. :p

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